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All our bakes are exclusively GLUTEN FREE

Our current range of flavours contain the following allergens:



May also contain OTHER NUTS & SESAME SEEDS.

With our Black Cherry Brownie, although care has been taken to try to remove stones, please be aware there may be undetected cherry stones


​All bakes are prepared and stored in the same area and so are NOT SUITABLE for NUT or PEANUT allergy sufferers.

We use a GLUTEN FREE Plain White Flour blend in all our bakes (rice, potato, tapioca, maize, buckwheat)

We only use ingredients that do not contain (nor carry any may contain warnings relating to) gluten, wheat, oats, barley or rye

Please inform us of any allergies or intolerances prior to placing an order.

Do you offer dairy free or vegan options?

At present we do not offer any dairy free or vegan alternatives. Dairy is integral to our end product and we have not yet been able to produce something to the standard of the rest of our range. As we grow and expand our offering, this is certainly something we're hoping to be able to provide.

Can I swap flavours?

Unfortunately not in our Mixed Boxes. We produce a specific number of bakes in order to produce a set number of boxes and therefore changing a single blondie would require a full additional bake. We occasionally offer a Pick n Mix Box where you can choose any combination of flavours from our current range however.

Am I able to pre-order?

We don't currently offer pre-orders or take orders for specific dates or occasions. All our orders are run on a week by week basis. We re-stock our website every Friday at 7pm for orders that are fulfilled the following week. Postal dispatch is normally every Thursday and Local delivery is every Thursday evening. Please see our shipping info for full information.

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